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The temperature of the UV lamp and radiation light source

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The surface temperature of the UV lamp and radiation light source

  As is known to all ultraviolet UV lamp (UV lamp, halogen lamp, iodine gallium lamp, sterilization lamp, mercury lamp, mercury lamp, exposure lamp) is produced by ultraviolet radiation light source to achieve the curing light, UV lamp to generate ultraviolet radiation light source must be through power supply, after electrify tubes will be 60% of power into a radiation source, UV lamp surface temperature will continue to rise to about 750 ℃. When radiation light source, temperature, need to undertake technical processing.

A, retro reflection lampshade
  Adding reflection lampshade, could improve the UV lamp is sending out the full use of the light source, to solidify the light source on the required product, chimney is made from aluminum quality, and on the surface of the UV lamp shade with a cooling fin, more conducive to heat dissipation, solid purposes. Rather than a substitute for the stainless steel or iron.
Reflection lampshade of reflective effect depends on the material of the reflectors, the stand or fall of material quality and the quality of the product curing is proportional to the, generally USES the import aluminum mirror reflectors all advanced material, relatively ordinary reflectors effect is about 40% of ascension, to more than 99% UV light place sends out a light reflection in the surface of the product, in order to achieve lower costs to improve product curing effect and work efficiency.

B, surface temperature reducing method
  When the temperature of the tube rose to a certain height, it need to heat treatment. , of course, in addition to UV machine itself, when curing products, to control the temperature, avoid overheating the UV lamp and the surrounding material, at the same time in order to achieve better curing effect, in the UV curing machine to increase the various techniques to cooling tubes, the reflection lampshade and the surrounding material. Tell me the below three kinds of commonly used methods:
  1. The air cooling technology) this method is to adopt the method of maximum both at home and abroad, has the advantage of low cost, often can meet the demand of the enterprise.
  2. Water cooling technology) water is through the tubes with water jacket, cooling effect, the technology of cooling effect is good, but the cost is high.
  3. The optical film) products with the UV lamp radiation source isolation, usually used in the easy deformation of the product.

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