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How to choose the UV lamp power density

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How to choose the UV lamp power density

  UV lamp power density refers to the radiation intensity of UV light one indicator, can also be used as a penetration instructions; It is the unit of W/cm, such as our common halogen lamp, iodine gallium lamp, high-pressure mercury lamp power density is 80-200 - W/cm.

  UV lamp power density of the light is the production according to the UV lamp lights and lamp power to decide;
  Power density of the method of conversion: UV lamp power (w)/light unit (cm) long = power density (w/cm)
  Such as: 5000 w UV lamp, luminous body length 500 mm at this time, the lamp of power density of 100 w/cm;
  How to choose the UV lamp power density, broadly speaking from the lamp itself, UV coating, the product itself, the UV equipment of several major aspects to consider, to know the UV absorption wavelength and the power density of coating itself, but also a clear product on the temperature, can be damaged by excessive power density products (lamp light when power density is too high, will also make the temperature of the unit density (that is, the infrared part of the increased density), too small and cannot achieve deep curing effect, can only achieve surface to achieve the effect of initial adhesion or dry, not completely cured, but also can make the paint surface ageing, blockade, brittle, etc. The following to specific analysis:

  1) UV coatings such as UV light oil, UV ink, UV paint, UV glue, such as different UV coating amount per unit volume required by the UV light energy value and light power density is different, its light transmittance is also different, specific can refer to UV light oil when using the matters needing attention. Like black ink for UV ultraviolet absorption is strong, pervious to light is poor; General curing light good materials (such as: a transparent light oil, transparent glass glue UV glue, etc.) required for the UV lamp power density is small, large conversely.
  2) according to the thickness of the material products, such as UV glue brush is thicker, the longer the irradiation time is to meet the requirements of curing, the thicker the required the greater the UV lamp power density, small conversely.
  3) the UV machine transmission speed, transmission speed is slower, UV lamp light source, the longer the irradiation light quantity is higher; Whereas the smaller;
  4) according to the product material is heat-resistant, choose suitable UV lamp, the greater the power density, the higher the temperature is, for the material cannot withstand high temperature will produce the phenomenon such as damage, deformation, burning. If must need high power density, and can't damage to the product, at this time can consider cold light source;
  5) the service life of domestic UV lamp standard generally about 600-800 hours, average import UV lamp life in 1000 hours or more; Special light source such as energy-saving lamps, its service life is by far the world's longest service life of the lamp, the average life expectancy of 8000-10000 hours. (now that's a FUSION companies in the United States production of energy-saving lamps monopoly) all over the world the light intensity than the same power density of the UV lamp to ten times more than the high; So the price is the best of the world; UV lamp to use should be replaced immediately after the time, when life at the UV light source will gradually weaken, the light will affect the curing effect of abating.

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