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The storage and maintenance of the UV lamp is analysed

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The storage and maintenance of the UV lamp is analysed
Ultraviolet UV lamp store
  1, the shade and dry environment sealed preservation, avoid direct light;
  2, packing using hard cardboard cylinder type or anti-throw triangle hard paper box packaging, at the same time, pay attention to the lamp body and the positioning of the lamp holder positions flexible material, such as sponges to good positioning, and the outer packing size matching;
  3, plastic injection molding, packaging is generally suitable for long-distance transportation, its size just enough to accommodate with the specifications of the ultraviolet lamp, its ability to resist the external force is strong.
  4, the storage of ultraviolet lamp also shoulds not be too long, suggest that not more than two years, therefore, is suitable for fifo management.

The maintenance of the ultraviolet UV lamp
  The installation of uv lamp:
  1, the operator when install or replace lamp, should avoid the oil on the tube with finger, therefore, suggest to wear cotton gloves;
Uv light lamp body is made of high purity quartz material, in order to improve the uv light transmittance, but please avoid any possible dirt on the surface of the lamp body material attached on the lamp body, suggested that the installation is complete, the use of alcohol or uv lamp dedicated cleanser wipe the surface of lamp body, let it in a clean state;
  2, uv lamp is usually installed on the equipment used, usually the way to locate lamp holder is a spring clamp device, please make sure that the spring piece good elasticity and considering the lamp holder under the working condition for a long time, thermal expansion occurs, suggest keep the appropriate space, when installation shoulds not be too tight, in order to avoid lamp holder after the heat expansion crack;
  3, ultraviolet equipment operation process, the heat tubes could make the reflector, shorten or bent, so can't install the lamp too loose or too tight, so that the reflectors changes affect the light tube, to the cause of tube burst;
  4, if no lead terminal on both ends of the tube, when installation should be more cautious, and ensure the joint without corrosion;
  5, if the machine is to use metal clamp device connected to the tube, so shall ensure that the connection of a tight and clean.

Proper use of ultraviolet UV lamp
  1, each kind of ultraviolet lamp its unique mechanical and electrical parameters, provide matching of driving power source is critical. Transformer, capacitor or power electronic circuit, when the choice must be matching with the parameters of the lamp;
  2 lamps, too frequently, can cause early to black on both ends of the tube, gradually affect the lamp body will turn black, finally results in the decrease of lamp output power;
  3, avoid too often is the lamp of cold start, when a bulb light beginning, internal voltage is very low. On both ends of the electrodes in this period of time will emit tungsten, this will make many dot pollutants inside the tubes, as one of the reasons for the premature damage of the tubes, therefore, should be under the condition of high voltage lighting, lamps and shorter time;
  4, the service life of tubes is influenced by many factors, such as: the number of lamps, and working time after every light, electricity and heat of operational data, as well as to the tubes if properly handled, etc., will affect the life of the lamp; Often, therefore, the life of the average life expectancy of guaranteed by the manufacturer.
  5, make sure you use the input power stability of the environment is good, if the use environment of power supply fluctuation range recommended with voltage regulator, to ensure the stability of uv lamp output;
  6, the reasonable cooling: uv lamp uv lamp to achieve maximum output power, usually the lamp on the surface of the body surface temperature will be up to several hundred degrees Celsius, therefore, when designing cooling air volume must be reasonable, otherwise will directly affect the normal output of uv lamp, air volume is too big, uv light may point can not bright or light but did not reach the maximum output power; Air volume is too low, the uv lamp is not a good cooling, light long time excessive heat, may appear light body, electrodes were black, eventually shorten its service life; Whether tested periodically exhaust wind path unobstructed;
Equipped with reasonable reflection system: according to the user for uv light intensity is different, configuration of the reflector equipment manufacturer can also be different, therefore, in order to ensure the light intensity index, in addition to regularly clean the lamp body, clean reflector is also very necessary;
Regular rotation uv lamp: can well maintain the shape of the tube and stable output;
  7, tube produced by high pressure mercury vapor discharge strong long wave violet radiation (main line is 365 nm); Strong ultraviolet ray can burn the eyes and skin, use should be avoided in the light of direct illuminate;
  8, tube accidental damage, leading to the mercury vapour distribution, field personnel must leave immediately, make the scene last ventilated 20 to 30 minutes, to prevent the mercury vapour being sucked into the body and cause poisoning; Safe to clear in time field, recovery of mercury can be reserved for experimental material.

The heating effect of the ultraviolet UV lamp
  Because infrared IR and UV UV wavelengths are very close, as a result, the lamp in produce ultraviolet (UV) at the same time accompanied by the generation of infrared, infrared can cause thermal effect, so common in industry cooling methods are: air cooling, cooling mode, water cooling mode optical mirror. Is popular and economic way of or forced air cooling, electronic products, such as: LCD products, its cooling mode is more applied optics lens, water, usually in high speed printing (offset printing, flexo, gravure, etc.) online with UV/UV drying system with more popular, because online add, usually require single UV lamp power density is higher, in order to fast cooling in addition to recycling air cooled mainly through water for rapid cooling, to ensure that the sheet on the premise of accept to strong ultraviolet radiation not achieve deformation effect.

Ultraviolet UV lamp aging and light failure process
  Ultraviolet UV lamp will be used as the extension of time and aging condition;
  All UV light intensity attenuation: existence of light intensity attenuation, as a continuation of the using time, the attenuation of light intensity will appear, therefore, to better ensure quality of light and the curing, recommend that users pay close attention to the use time of UV lamp, UV UV lamp and timely replacement.

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