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The service life of the UV lamp and what factors

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The service life of the UV lamp and what factors
  Factors that affect the service life of the UV lamp can be considered from the following several aspects:

  (1) the design service life.
  The following several factors that affect the UV lamp life.
A, tube wall load. Work load big lamp life is low, the same current, the tube diameter small, low service life.
B, working voltage. The service life of the lamp voltage is on the high side.
C, power density. High power density low lamp life.

  (2) material.
  Of quartz glass tube wall quality had a great influence on lamp life. Good high purity quartz glass, no bubble, internal surface smooth. Because usually in the tube wall temperature of 600 ℃ above work, if there is impurity purity is not enough, there will be a glass surface gasification, many small pits, affecting ultraviolet (uv) radiation out of the tube wall. Domestic quartz intuitive work eyes can see the wall inside the bubble, affecting ultraviolet (uv) radiation out of the tube wall, bubbles can form in high temperature high pressure air blast wall rupture. Electrode materials are generally tungsten surface coating a layer of barium zirconate burning or other cathode emission materials. Tungsten wire aging resistance, temperature tolerance and cathode materials directly affecting the service life of the electrode.

  (3) the production process.
  This factor is of the most important factors on the quality of the UV lamp. Affect the service life of the tube of the main process are: cleaning the inner wall of the tube, vacuum, mercury, injection rate and the purity of argon filling volume, electrode wire welding, cathode material sintering, etc. The whole process should be carried out in advanced clean; Cathode material sintering, welding and sealing should be done in vacuum conditions. And the current domestic production of UV lamp manufacturers do not have these conditions, greatly affecting the service life of tubes.

   (4) the method of use.
  Incorrect use method, can make the lamp life greatly reduced. In use should be paid attention to the following:
A, transformer parameters and parameters to match the tubes, voltage, current should not exceed design index. Especially the starting voltage is unfavorable and exorbitant, generally does not exceed 40% of the design work voltage.
B, keep the wall clean, especially to remove oil stains, dust. Because the wall surface infiltration of these substances in the high temperature tube, prevent ultraviolet radiation.
C, ventilation, scientific and reasonable. Ventilation rate is calculated by the science, the purpose is sucked out the heat generated by the UV lamp tubes, the work in normal temperature environment, not the lower the temperature, the better. Ventilation to keep lamp holder temperature under 150 ℃. Additional light boxes in line with the reasonable air volume, sensors, box shell temperature below 90 ℃.

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