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The UV lamp common problems and solving methods

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The UV lamp common problems and solving methods

A, UV lamp with A piece of time on both ends of the tube is black or white?
(1) the purity of the electrode is not enough use of volatile substances
(2) the quality of the quartz tube
(3) the workers operating problems, such as exhaust without a net

B, UV lamp holder downed reason?
(1) the ink with connecting rod ink unreliable
(2) at the time of installation of competing fluorescent lamp holder, the broken tubes after high temperature distortion

C, UV lamp, a moment is not the reason why the light? (normally)?
(1) the lamp tube high voltage transformer exciting voltage time will destroy, we call this the arcing
(2) again confirm parameters of the tubes, the new order

D, UV lamp is a bad start for the sake of what
(1) this is his manager saw is, plate burning lamp installed, it is not easy to start. And each time you start the rip! Want to, also lit up the tubes, view lamp tube voltage normal pressure parameters. Finally found out is the trigger input and output, there is a myth that the 220 v power source regardless of is the cathode, actually touch hair device connect can light up, but start difficult.
(2) may also be a lamp to put the time is too long, can use ma electrical breakdown, let the lamp back normal work.
(3) is not using hemp motor can try to tube heating method

E, the cause of the UV lamp lights up
(1) check the connection line is normal
(2) check whether the full set of matching is normal
(3) to see if in all the work

 F, UV lamp, flash and why?
(1) to start the flash is normal
(2) the ratio of older flash is likely to be a line or tubes
(3) it is possible that tubes quality problems

G, UV lamp out what causes it
(1) the lamp tube wall load is too large (high power short light)
(2) the quality of the quartz with ultraviolet lamp, ultraviolet lamp: the main components of the radiation in the ultraviolet spectral range of the lamp.

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