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The UV machine maintenance and is harmful to human body

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                                   The UV light solid machine maintenance and is harmful to human body 

UV light solid machine main maintenance parts for transmission maintenance and the lamp maintenance.

  Transmission parts:
  Add lubricating oil need often to drive bearing, chain, often check whether the chain is stretched, if longer need to use the elastic device on the machine to adjust.
UV lamp maintenance;
  Want to make the UV lamp with long life and good solid effect must ensure that the lamp light heat dissipation effect is good. So we must always check whether the convulsions pipeline is unblocked, if there is any foreign bodies blocked. Because the bulb is equivalent to install in the convulsions in his mouth, but also high temperature, lamp and UV light reflectors are easy to be dust and debris from above, heat dissipation is not enough and lack of ultraviolet penetration. So regularly use industrial alcohol to tube with clutter to wipe clean the surface of reflectors, to ensure that the tube heat dissipation is good, ultraviolet penetration is good.

Uv light solid machine have a harm to human body?
  Should do not have, very small amounts of ultraviolet (UV) no harm to human body, besides ultraviolet sterilization effect, and there is no direct human exposure to ultraviolet light. General printing inside (photoelectric printer) nitrogen content is higher, have a harm to human body.
   Mercury lamp light curing machine, this equipment mercury lamp light curing machine focusing ability is poor, scattering is serious, can cause great radiation effect to operating personnel. But for the LED UV light curing machine, first of all, the LED light emitting chip, no heat, reduce the harm to human body. Second, the LED light head light concentration, outside shot less uv. Third, UV LED point light source the light curing machine is small volume, covers an area of less, that is on or off, does not produce waste, the harm to human body.

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