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Need to be aware of local UV machine work

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  UV machine can also be referred to as the printing machine, is a great innovation of digital printing skills, in the true sense of a seal, do not need to use. Print out the full color image one time, is the upgrading production of traditional print machine. UV machine are the earliest objective can real hard or soft material on the print today. Want to be aftercare. UV machine maintenance and repair of the UV machine money is growing.
  UV machine must keep clean around the situation. If not eliminate, often increased the accumulation of dust, the dust on the rise will cause the car guide shaft lubrication failure, will cause nozzle was blocked in the print process. So, the dust on the guide shaft to often liquidation. The placement of the UV machine platform. The UV plate print machine can't put the goods are at the top. UV machine, during the course of print things to cover before closed against the dust into the machine which can lead to UV machine things are not smooth. UV machine cannot be charged printer cable pull, so will the PC parallel port of the UV printer and print mouth has certain destructive, more serious is causing serious damage of PC motherboard.

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