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How to check the little knowledge of UV curing degree

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  How to know if there is any UV ink by UV light curing, there are four ways of roughly, just by macroscopic observation on the surface of the ink and seems to have cured, but there is no, how to identify, you need to use a professional method (UV ink only).
  Watch appearance: completely curing UV ink surface brightness, no hair, no shadow, basic perfect integral effect.
  Drops of solvent test: according to the solvent performance drops to propionic acid solution on the surface after 2 min, if there are any changes that have not been UV light curing ink. Analysis of ink cured completely, can change the internal structure of molecular toward double bond conversion, convert high curing was completely, then ink fastening the coating layer of the overall form.
  Pencil hardness test: by the pencil hardness instrument for testing, if meet the requirements (general for 3-4 h) proves that the ink has been cured, not consider curing time, and the UV lamp power is enough, and UV curing machine mesh belt transmission speed and so on various aspects of factors.
  Pressure test: weight about 500 g with flat-bottom, put a small amount of silk cotton fiber products to the surface of the weight on the cotton silk fibers will be a few minutes, then remove the weight, if the cotton silk fiber will not stick on it, proved completely curing ink, instead is that there is no cure.