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The UV lamp work summary

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  Ultraviolet germicidal lamp is a kind of low pressure mercury lamp. Low pressure mercury lamp is low mercury vapor pressure (< 10-2 pa) was intensified and emit ultraviolet light, its hair, spectral line mainly have two: one is 253.7 nm wavelength; Another is 185 nm wavelength, and the two are invisible to the naked eye of ultraviolet light. UV light solid machine is also used to work with the principle of ultraviolet (UV).
  Germicidal lamp does not need to be converted to visible light, 250 nm - 260 - m wavelength can have very good sterilization effect, the wavelength range would undermine its chromosomes, allochromatic.
  UV germicidal lamp compared with usual lighting tubes used in the existence very big difference, so we at the time of installation and we also have certain operation requirements, if error will cause some unnecessary problems, that time is very troublesome. At least to do the following points to guarantee the safety of our installation:
  UV lamp is generally installed on the equipment used, the way the location of lamp holder is commonly use spring clamp device, need to make sure that the spring has the good elasticity, consider lamp holder in the long time work condition, thermal expansion occurs, suggest appropriate reserved when installation space, rather than area is too small, avoid lamp holder after the heat expansion. UV light solid machine to ensure the normal operation, have to pay attention to the UV absorbance.
  If no lead terminal on both ends of the UV lamp, will be more cautious when installation, no corrosion and to ensure that the joint.
  Operators when install or replace the UV lamp, need to avoid oil pollution on the UV lamp with finger, therefore, suggest to wear cotton gloves; UV light of the lamp body is made of high purity quartz material, in order to improve the UV light transmittance, don't let any unclean but on the surface of the lamp body material on the lamp body, suggested that the installation is complete, the use of alcohol or UV lamp dedicated cleanser wipe the surface of lamp body, let it in a clean state.
  If the machine is to use the metal clip device connected to the UV lamp, so shall ensure that the connection of close and clean.

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