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The UV curing machine reaction mechanism

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  Curing mechanism of the UV curing machine is to use a certain wavelength of ultraviolet radiation, thereby stimulating release free radical initiator, cause top polymer and active diluents moment crosslinking reaction, make the liquid into a solid. Want to in the process of curing light liquid material into a solid 100%, quickly and without VOC emissions, you need to satisfy the following two basic conditions: the strong light, UV light; Light curing process.
       The UV curing machine UV light source
UV curing system launch UV light from the device is a UV light source, now use most of the ultraviolet light source is a mercury arc lamp, mercury arc lamp is encapsulated with mercury, both ends with electrode transparent quartz tube, electrical heating filament, tube of mercury vapor will suffer transition to the excited state, fired by excited state back to the ground state is ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light emitted by different vapor pressure of the pipe will be different.
        UV curing light curing process
In light, including ultraviolet, visible, or under the action of high-energy rays (mainly electron beam), liquid prepolymer (including monomer) after crosslinking polymerization process and the formation of a solid product, call light curing.
Curing reaction were mostly involved in the light of the chain polymerization. Because ultraviolet light source is difficult to make light of polymerized prepolymer directly open the double bond, so in the absence of light initiator, even a photosensitive material, also won't fast curing.
       Adding a small amount of light initiator system and prepolymer and exposed to uv light, the light initiator after absorbing photons, from the ground state to excited state, decomposition and become free radicals and cation.Thus began the chain of the trigger function, polymerization unsaturated double bond. Led to growing crosslinked polymer molecules form a mesh structure, to the mountain base is inactive, the growth of the chain termination, the system is completely cured.