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The UV lamp use matters needing attention

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The main role of the UV lamp is the pathogenic microorganisms in the external environment, cut off the spread of infectious diseases, disrupt the spread of disease, so as to achieve the purpose of protection of human health. The UV lamp used in general air disinfection.
    According to reports, the UV lamp is used in our navy submarine soldiers training recruits dormitory disinfection, it is reported in exercise found somewhere a navy submarines, recruits the dormitory based on UV light disinfection.
   To prevent the UV lamp when use, ultraviolet radiation damage to eyes and skin. To formulate the safety science, the bedroom of ultraviolet lamp air disinfection method, to pursue advanced study in the recruit out exercise, spare bedroom no person disinfected, and the use of UV lamp 1 hours a day, or continuous mapping for 1 hour, open the window ventilated 20 minutes above immediately after use, so that can guarantee the health of recruits
We all know that there is a range of the UV lamp irradiation disinfection is, more than this range will not be able to achieve the desired effect or no effect, so the range is how much? The following several aspects to answer them.
    Surface disinfection
    Can use UV light of direct illuminate indoors floor, desktop, mesa, disinfection. Reflex reflector on the strong mounted on the UV lamp, lamp power at least 2 watts per square meter, tubes mesa height distance not more than 120-150 cm. Ultraviolet irradiation effective area only tube diameter around 1.5-2 meters. Disinfection of mesa clean and smooth surface, can let all surface can according to the sterilization effect is good.
    Water disinfection
    With ultraviolet light disinfectant is required. Water must be clean and transparent, turbid water directly to reduce the effect of ultraviolet germicidal lamp, so the water demand is colorless and no particles can achieve good disinfection effect. When using UV lamp for water disinfection, tube can not be soaked in water, the depth of the water is no more than 2 cm, let the water out of date to accept 90000 microwatt seconds per square centimeter or more exposure dose can achieve effective disinfection. General drinking water requirements to kill rate was 99%.
    Air disinfection
    The UV lamp is mainly used in the family room, hospital and laboratory air disinfection, in order to reduce the number of bacteria in the air. A 30 watts of UV light can illuminate the ground of 9 square meters area, according to the size of the ground area can calculate the UV lamp wattage or number. Lamp hung on 2-2.5 m high from ground, illuminate indoor upper air, because air flow and diffusion, can make whole room air can achieve disinfection.

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