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The cause of the problem in the UV lamp

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  UV lamp to work for a few hours will not be able to light (light is in good condition) is what reason? Different types of light have different solution, such as metal halogen lamp because halide matching degree is not appropriate, or transformer output is too low, or light pipe pressure is too high. If it is a mercury vapor may be the reason or the immanent quality of tube electrode, or lamp has a flat. UV light solid machine performance is poor, may be insufficient to absorb ultraviolet light.
  UV lamp in current voltage are normal, the light is not normal, dark green and what reason be? The following explanation.
  1, the lamp power parameters is wrong.
  2, the tubes have a slow leak phenomenon.
  3, lamp exhaust impurities during production.
  4, transformer with smaller.

    UV lamp normal light is turned off for the first time, but can point out what reason? If the capacitor and transformer are all in good condition, and the line open, no contact undesirable phenomenon (on both ends of the tube voltage), is the lamp itself, most of the problems, the cause of the problem is electrode or lamp has a flat. UV light solid machine in use process will encounter all sorts of problems.
     UV lamp basic circuit is relatively simple, find a electrician immediately understand.
  UV lamp when lit, will rise a little bit of tube current, voltage is the same, the difference is that the current rise slowly, the voltage rise faster, in the end, the bulb tube current stop, namely mercury inside the tubes has been completely will send into the gas phase, and the UV lamp can all the various aspects of performance.
   Lights out, due to the circuit control, has cut off the lamp supply voltage and current, all parameters are reset, that is to say, the lamp current, voltage, all disappear.
  Configured the right transformer, capacitor, the actual circuit control, need according to demand of customers.

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