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UV light solid machine fault handling matters

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What aspects need to overhaul the UV light solid machine six months
Check the switch and the circuit is normal.
    2,Cheer for transmission.
    3,Transformer insulation is not less than 200 ohms, if not, we have to put the transformer dry again.
    4,With a soft cloth dipped in alcohol clean reflectors.
    5.Check whether there is any looseness on transmission shaft, chain.
    6,Net and elasticized adjustments.
    7,The use of UV light solid machine skills.

    If you are using UV machine with two or three UV lamp, need not all be opened. With the method of each class used interchangeably, can increase the service life of the UV lamp. Mesh belt elastic adjustment should be moderate, too tight mesh belt is easy to damage, wandering; On the other hand, the mesh belt is easy to slip.
   The UV lamp automatic put out the reason and solution
    1,General because air cooled enough - exhaust, cooling, exhaust duct is not long, need to keep open.
    2,To life - uv lamp aging, replacement.
    3,Power supply voltage is too low or power supply lacks - to improve the voltage, the configuration stabilizer; Check the routes and switches, wiring again.
    4,Heat transformer overheating protection switch action - check the causes and management of transformer overheating.
    5, Thermistor - have been damaged in transformer replacement thermistor.
    6, Exhaust air motor work is not stable, lead to air pressure switch off pressure loss.

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